TEC Associate Program

This program is designed specifically for the “best and brightest” of the professional service providers who work with our members. These select professionals are invited to become TEC Associates. The TEC Associate Program is a value-added program for professional service providers who work with TEC CEOs. It’s designed to spread the word about TEC within the business community, keep our service providers in touch with the needs of their CEO clients, and encourage them to refer their CEO clients to TEC.

The TEC Associate Program is an outstanding educational opportunity. Periodically, TEC Associates are invited to attend special events, such as “ALL-TEC” and Special Interest Meetings, featuring one of TEC’s top speakers. These meetings provide an opportunity to get to know other area professionals and participate in a program on marketing, hiring, negotiating, economics, e-commerce or other timely business management topics.

All TEC Associates receive periodic TEC mailings that include audio presentations, book summaries or other informational pieces. These management tools keep service providers in touch with the issues facing their CEO clients and help them stay up-to-date on the latest in management thinking. The Associates’ access to this kind of vital information can position them as a “cut above” in the eyes of their CEO clients.

TEC Associates are also invited to participate in a TEC Associate Roundtable group. These groups meet regularly and function much like the TEC groups in that Associates bring issues to the table and receive candid, objective feedback from fellow Roundtable members. Experienced TEC Chairs facilitate these Roundtables