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Smart enough to know

I don't have all the answers

– Joe Bartolotta member since 2008

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let's get down to work.

– Lisa Reardon member since 2009

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Give yourself a competitive edge

– Ted Balistreri member since 2006

Inspirational Leadership Award Winners 2016!

Laura Henderson IL Award Photo 2016

Laura Henderson
Epiphany Learning
Rising Star Award

Tim O'Brien IL Award Photo 2016

Tim O'Brien
Tim O'Brien Homes
TEC for Small Companies

Kurt Voss IL Award Photo 2016

Kurt Voss
AmeriLux International
TEC WI Award

John "Chip" Keough IL Award Photo 2016

John "Chip" Keough
Joyworks LLC
TEC MI Award

Tim Schierl IL Award Photo 2016

Tim Schierl
Team Schierl Companies
Lifetime Achievement

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The Seven Basics of Negotiations

By Mark Burrall Sales quote: “Humility is virtue, timidity…

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A Welcome Message

The year was 1957 when TEC came to life in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Founded by Bob Nourse, the concept was simple. Put together a group of non-competing chief executives in a facilitated meeting environment where they could share “best-in-class” business ideas.

A Clearer Vision for Executives

TEC is a professional development group for CEOs, presidents and business owners. TEC creates a confidential environment for senior-level executives where members have no vested interest beyond helping each other succeed.

TEC Update

Published bi-monthly, The TEC Update includes highlights of points made by select TEC speakers, commentary on germane regional business issues, and notes on member achievement and new member additions. There is no charge for this publication.