Nominate A TEC Member

TEC Inspirational Leader of the Year Awards Nomination Form

Nominations must be received by March 11, 2017.

The Inspirational Leader of the Year Award is TEC’s premier member award presented at the Inspirational Leadership Event. We are looking for nominations of TEC members who have proven to be exceptional in his/her role as a leader. Please consider nominating one of your fellow members or yourself!


– All nominees must presently be a member of TEC WI/MI, TEC-s or NextGen in good standing.
– Must have at least one year of membership in TEC.
– Lifetime Achievement nominees must have at least 20 years of membership in TEC.

Categories of Awards:

1. Inspirational Leader of the Year Wisconsin
2. Inspirational Leader of the Year Michigan
3. Inspirational Leader of the Year Small Company TEC
4. Rising Star (NextGen)
5. Lifetime Achievement


Nominees should possess the leadership skills below and show how TEC membership has helped them grow both personally and professionally.

– Has the nominee been Inspirational in his/her role as a leader in their company, community and/or family?
– Do they lead and direct with a clear vision that is shared with their employees?
– Have they overcome obstacles and grown substantially during tough, economic times?
– Do they have a strong, dependable team that shares their vision and values?
– Has the nominee had any major accomplishments in the last year?

Winners will receive recognition at the Inspirational Leadership Event on April 28, 2017. Photos of winners will be shown on the presentation screens. Lifetime Achievement Award Winner will have a video presentation shown at event (taken by TEC). Winners will receive seats at Inspirational Leadership, reception and accommodations on April 27 prior to the event.