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Date(s) - Wednesday, September 17, 2014
8:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Madison Club


TEC Experience Workshop

Featuring Gair Maxwell

Gair Maxwell

“The Branding Highway: How to Get More Mileage for Your Marketing Dollar”


Presidents, CEOs and Business Owners  that want to learn about the TEC concept are invited to take part in an issue session, listen to an excellent speaker, Gair Maxwell and network with some fellow peers.  TEC members have confidence in their  decisions, are strong in the face of adversity and lead growing organizations.  No cost to attend this event.


Gair Maxwell has been called unconventional at times. His international debut as a published author resulted from a 4 a.m. visit to a local coffee shop, simply by being willing to accept a challenge to just sit down, watch, listen and learn. Described as a shock stick of energy and a mind-bending idea generator, this author, branding expert and entrepreneur speaks at many national and international conferences, focusing on business growth and building brands that stick. Combining humor, multi-media and in-the-trenches experience, Gair has shown hundreds of business owners how to obtain more mileage out of their marketing dollars by creating their own iconic brands; in effect becoming the Apple or Starbucks of their specific market or category, increasing profitability and building brand equity.



There are approximately 2.2 million small to medium sized businesses in Canada – and about 95 percent feel they waste about half of their marketing budget. Too often, the vast majority of these business owners are still being sold a bill of goods by a media industrial complex (newspaper, radio, TV) riding the coat tails of 20th century thinking. Back then it was much easier to get your message out. You bought some ads- interrupted someone’s day and forced them to pay attention. But, the Digital Age demands a higher level of creativity since it has become way too easy to ignore both ordinary stuff and saturation. That’s what iconic brands such as Apple, Ferrari, Harley-Davidson, Zappos and others have figured out as consumers readily embrace the “story” those brands are sharing and living each day. Brands of distinction, like those just mentioned, are a treasured asset – and their defining characteristics can be adopted by any firm, anyhere, regardless of size, category or location.

Join Gair Maxwell on “The Branding Highway” and you will see developing a brand involves more than deciding on a name or picking colors and a logo. It’s about crafting an image, personality and story that embodies what your company is and how that essence is communicated in both words and actions. In this seminar, TEC members will quickly recognize the difference between a “brand of distinction” and a company that wears a “badge of ownership.” You will understand why most advertising campaigns yield minimal results while iconic brands (even at a local level) continue to win the hearts and minds of loyal customers, despite an increasingly bloated and fragmented advertising world, filled with the clutter of “white noise” and “ad-speak.”




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TEC Experience Workshop Madison September 2014