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Takeaways from a West Point Leadership Workshop

In November, a number of Wisconsin TEC members attended a customized leadership development training at West Point, conducted by alumni of the Academy who are now retired after distinguished careers. The Purpose: To gain first-hand understanding of the techniques practiced by the Academy in pursuit of its mission of “Developing Leaders of Character,” to understand […]

Failed Change Initiatives Come Down To The CEO

 Most TEC-involved CEOs and organization leaders are well aware of the elements that need to be in place to create change initiatives.  In today’s world, change comes more rapidly than ever. But by and large, these initiatives are not sufficiently successful … at least they don’t reach the performance levels we aspired to. Why? In […]

Odds ’n Ends from Phil Hauck | Retirement Age, National Debt, TEC Meetings, and More!

On Retirement Age This notion of having a Retirement Age, when the government begins making substantial payments to citizens, isn’t new.  It began in 1889 in  Germany.  The average life expectancy was 40, and the Retirement Age was set at 70, later reduced to 65.  For us, it began during the Depression, when average life […]

Jones/West Point on Afghanistan Challenges

David Jones, a career military officer who now teaches “character development” at West Point, was in Green Bay last week to speak at the annual ethics banquet chaired by the American Foundation of Counseling Services … and he also spoke to a group at St. Norbert College. Recently, he spent a year in Afghanistan working […]