You are the Secret to a Better Future!

Personal growth is the single most important thing that will affect your future. Jim Rohn, deceased motivational speaker said, “Success comes from growing bigger than the problems and obstacles that surround you”. By committing to growth, you will attract success.

Since personal growth is something you can influence, you are the major key to your own better future. So to achieve above average success, however you may define success for yourself, you need to become an above average person.

It starts with something as simple as an above average handshake, an above average smile, above average dedication and above average interest in other people. Rohn further says that you should “work harder on yourself than you work on anything else”. Each day you should try to be a slightly better person than you were yesterday.

This is a long term process. Success rarely comes overnight, but often takes several years. It’s all about slow but steady progress. So you should manage your expectations so you don’t become disappointed. This is what Rohn meant when he advised us never to give up. He further clarified this by saying, “I don’t mean that you should wait around for something to happen; what I am saying is that you should make something happen”.

Rohn also tells us about time. There is nothing more valuable. You can get lots of things in your life, but you can never get ;more time. So use the precious time that you have to focus on those things that can help you grow. That’s what leads to success.

Success takes associating with people, people that can help you and that you can help in return. So ask yourself, “who am I talking to, who am I listening to”. You can’t be successful surrounded by negative people. Create an atmosphere where you can thrive. If this sounds like TEC, it is. That’s what TEC is all about.

For more Jim Rohn, go to www. and check out his book, “Living an Exceptional Life”.