5 Steps for Growing Business Online – Step 5

In the previous posts of this series we looked at Visibility, Traffic, The Visit, and Engagement. But none of these matter in the end unless it all leads to Step 5 – Conversion.  Step 1   Step 2   Step 3 and 4

Your website was designed with a business-benefiting purpose, right? (If not, no wonder it’s not working. Time to decide on its purpose and move in that direction.)

Whether the purpose of your site is to generate leads, or sales, or to get your phone to ring, or something else, you need the visitors to take the appropriate actions to make that happen.

Fortunately, if you got their contact information in step 4, you are no longer dependent upon Google or any other search engine anymore. You can reach out with email to follow up, providing more information to meet your prospects’ needs.

In the process, you can teach your prospects how you want the relationship to proceed. You can encourage them to take the next step.

Go For The Conversion

If the goal of your site ends at getting the lead, you may have achieved that in during the visit step. Acquiring the email address was the conversion you were looking for. Congratulations you got it.

If your website goal is to convert visitors into buyers, there’s more to consider. No one wants to be bombarded by sales offers, especially when the relationship is young.

You must remember that it is often easier to sell to an existing customer than to someone who has never purchased from you before. Therefore your goal is to make the journey from prospect to customer as easy as possible.

Make the first offer a no-brainer, perhaps something small or of extreme value at a low price. Your prospects want to experience your business, but they want the risk to be as low as possible. Low price, high value, and money-back guarantee is often a winning combination.

Try presenting that offer and see what percent of your prospects take it. For those that do, you have new customers that you can grow into better customers. For those that don’t take the offer, perhaps this wasn’t the right option for them. Try something else.

Final Thoughts

The entire process of growing your business online is one of increasing levels of trust. Strategically elevate the trust of a searcher to the point where you are solving their problems.

This way you can move a searcher to your site and lead them step-by-step to become your customer or client.

The great thing is that online, once you define and tweak the process, many of these steps can be automated. Your website and funnel works 24×7, and your online business economy booms!

Author Bio:

Jeffrey Kirk, owner of Up At Dawn, LLC (http://www.upatdawn.biz) started his first ecommerce business in 1993. It wasn’t quite how we think of ecommerce now. To facilitate the movement of consumer goods from Southeast Asia and Europe into the Republic of Kazakhstan, he conducted business using dial-up computer networks and a fax machine.

Since 1995, Jeff has helped other businesses with their website development, to drive both traffic and conversion. These days, he is known for making internet marketing simple to understand and implement for traditional, offline businesses looking for online success.

Jeff provides video training and coaching for business people who prefer to have the skills within their business, and he offers “do it for you” service for those who prefer to hire the expertise. He is currently putting the finishing touches on a new book called, Dominate The Top – Simple Website Fixes to Rise in the Search Results and Crush Your Competition.