5 Steps for Growing Business Online – Step 1

| Author: Jeffrey Kirk

In your opinion, how is the economy doing? There’s always something in the news about an economy somewhere that’s in decline. Let me tell you where the economy is booming…online!

Here’s a quote I like. It’s from the Boston Consulting Group, “Since the day the first domain was registered in 1985, the Internet has not stopped growing. It has sailed through multiple recessions and one near-collapse and kept on increasing in use, size, reach, and impact. It has ingrained itself in daily life to the extent that most of us no longer think of it as anything new or special. The Internet has become, quite simply, indispensable.

The question becomes, how are you using this indispensable tool in your business?

If your website is not generating the leads and/or sales you always wanted from it, then I have five things for you to consider. Each one of these should be part of your online sales funnel. Put them all together and your online marketing power increases exponentially.

I am going to cover one step today, and then more in each of a series of upcoming posts.


Step 1 – Visibility

No one will visit your website if it’s invisible. What I mean is, if your website cannot be found by your clients or prospects, then no one is going to see your site.

If your website is not showing up in the search engines for strong keyword phrases, then you must take some steps to make your website appear when someone is searching for the product or services that you provide.

Let me give you one of those steps right now… Submit your website to Google My Business at www.google.com/business.


(If you have previously verified your business through Google Places, or more recently with Google Plus, you likely have a Google My Business listing. In that case, log in to your Google account and make sure your listing is up-to-date.)


A Google My Business listing is quite worthwhile. If your business serves a local audience there’s an added benefit. Your business can show up in a list of up to 7 local businesses, complete with map, contact info, reviews, and a link to your website.


While it’s great to show up on the first page of the search results, have you ever considered it’s possible to show up more than once on the first page of results? How about showing up 7 times on the same search results page? That’s a lot of visibility.


I have put together a case study of how we helped a local Waukesha business do that on Google for one of their significant keyword phrases. Provide your email address on my website at www.upatdawn.biz/7times, and I’ll send it to you.


Be sure to come back next time to look at the traffic step.

Author Bio:

Jeffrey Kirk, owner of Up At Dawn, LLC (http://www.upatdawn.biz) started his first ecommerce business in 1993. It wasn’t quite how we think of ecommerce now. To facilitate the movement of consumer goods from Southeast Asia and Europe into the Republic of Kazakhstan, he conducted business using dial-up computer networks and a fax machine.

Since 1995, Jeff has helped other businesses with their website development, to drive both traffic and conversion. These days, he is known for making internet marketing simple to understand and implement for traditional, offline businesses looking for online success.

Jeff provides video training and coaching for business people who prefer to have the skills within their business, and he offers “do it for you” service for those who prefer to hire the expertise. He is currently putting the finishing touches on a new book called, Dominate The Top – Simple Website Fixes to Rise in the Search Results and Crush Your Competition.