Congratulations to the Bartolotta Restaurant Group!


The Milwaukee-based company will only continue to feed more mouths. Earlier this year, the company announced that it will open three restaurants at the Mayfair Collection development in Wauwatosa by next fall. In addition, Bartolotta Restaurant Group opened two new restaurants this year: Miss Beverly’s Deluxe Barbecue in Greendale and Downtown Kitchen at the U.S. Bank Center in downtown Milwaukee.

While Miss Beverly’s serves up a menu of Bartolotta’s own take on barbecue, Downtown Kitchen has what the company calls a “modern market” flair.

For its rapid growth, the restaurant group has been named the BizTimes Best in Business Small Business of the Year for 2014.

As the company continues to expand, in both venues and employees, it is evolving beyond a small business, Bartolotta said.

“As our company grows, we’re transitioning from a small business to a medium-sized business now,” he said. “For years we were a smaller business, and in the last four years we’ve seen a lot of growth. We’re in this really unique place where we’re too big of a company to be a small company anymore, and yet we’re too small of a company to be a big company.”

Bartolotta said the restaurant group has its sights set on continuing its growth and continuing to cultivate its team in the process. The company, which currently has 11 restaurants in addition to catering operations, has close to 1,000 employees – 1,100 in the summer – and anticipates swelling by another 250 staffers with the Mayfair Collection restaurants.


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