Company Tune Up | Mid-Year Business Review

While my TEC groups perform this business review at the beginning of the year, given the state of the economy it is prudent to revisit this again.

Situation Analysis: (The Current Reality)

  • Lessons learned in the past year are:
  • What decisions would I/we have changed in the past year?
  • How successful have I/we been in achieving goals and objectives?

Strategic Analysis: (Where, What, Why)

  •  What is my vision?
  • Our “Why”? (This will usually embrace all elements of your business and should be consistent with your personal goals, purpose and values.)
  • Our corporate mission is:
  • Our values and behaviors are:
  • Forces driving change in our industry are:
  • Our three most direct competitors are:
  • Our major strengths are:
  • Our major weaknesses are:
  • These major threats confront us:
  • These major opportunities are available to us:
  • Our critical success factors that have made us successful to date are:


When this business review is completed, running this past a peer group can result in a very dynamic discussion.