Senior Managers’ Program

TEC’s Senior Managers’ Program (SMP) was established over 25 years ago in response to member requests for a program that would expose their key staff to the very best TEC resources speakers. These presentation are geared toward TEC and EA company members and the senior management of TEC companies. The program is also open to senior managers of non-TEC companies. The primary focus of these events is education, with a secondary emphasis on networking.

The Senior Managers’ Program (SMP) is used by companies as either an executive development program or an extension of it. This program exposes members’ management teams to TEC’s top Resource Specialists while providing a practical workshop approach to learning. During each session, participants receive the opportunity to learn first-hand from the experts in their fields in a forum designed to foster new ideas and perspectives. This program is also open to senior managers if non-TEC companies.

SMP offers a highly interactive experience where tried and true practices are revisited, new ideas and concepts are introduced and traditional management philosophies are challenged. The series fratures five half-day sessions throughout the year. The identical program is held on consecutive days – the first day in Milwaukee, the second day in Appleton. Participants may enroll at either location. The program is also offered in Michigan to members there.

Focusing on a wide variety of topics, SMP provides participants with tangible, practical ideas that are easily implemented. SMP’s balanced programming benefits all disciplines of an organization from human resources to finance, from customer service to sales and marketing. Additionally, SMP provides participants with a forum to regularly network with peers across industry lines. The Resource Specialists selected for this program are among the best that TEC has to offer. They have faced many of the same challenges that participants face and share their knowledge and experience.

Resource Specialists are the key to each session. Sessions typically include an in-depth review and group discussion of the featured topic. Additionally, each session includes a group exercise specifically designed for SMP by the featured Resource Specialist. At the completion of each session, with the help of peers and the Resource Specialist, participants are encouraged to develop a personal action plan. SMP provides participants with the Resource Specialists’ handout and an audio file of the session for future reference.

2016 SMP – Wisconsin Schedule
2016 SMP – Michigan Schedule