NextGen is dedicated to increasing the effectiveness and enhancing the lives of the next generation of chief executives.

Membership in NextGen includes:

  • Nine regular group meetings a year
  • Nine one-on-one meetings
  • Five meetings with Resource Specialists and access to the TEC online network

NextGen, a group of those originally slated as likely CEO successors, is lead by a Chair with 35 years of management experience who helps young leaders develop new ideas and approaches for the company they someday will run.

Upcoming topics for NextGen meetings include:

  • The Nature, Importance and Uniqueness of the Family Business
  • The Family Dynamics Challenge
  • The Family Business Ownership Challenge: Build the Enterprise to last through many Generations
  • Best Practices for Family Business Governance: Board of Directors, Family Councils and Family Offices
  • Family Business Members Conflict Management
  • Creating Conditions for the Continued Spirit of the Family Business
  • Succession Planning: Development and Selection of the Next Generation
  • Succession and the Transfer of Power
  • Change, Adaption, and Innovation: The Future of the Family Business
  • Strategic Planning and Transgenerational  Entrepreneurship
  • Estate Planning
  • The Owners Plan
  • Financial and Wealth Management in the Family Business
  • Key Nonfamily Management: The Commitment to Managing the Family Business Professionally