TEC Program Details

TEC Programs are divided into two groups to help address the specific needs of our membership.

  • TEC Chief Executive Program for Larger Companies (Annual sales exceeding $3 million)
    12 to 16-member CEO/President Roundtables that typically meet 9 times a year for a full day.
  • TEC Chief Executive Program for Smaller Companies (Annual sales under $3 million)
    12 to 16-member CEO/President Roundtables usually meet nine times a year for four full-day and five half-day sessions.

All TEC Groups share these program elements:

  • TEC Group Meetings
    • Often, an outside business expert conducts a three hour seminar that is followed by a working lunch.
    • The afternoon is a closed-door executive session where members roll up their sleeves and work hard to help one another solve major business issues.
    • Between meetings, the group’s Chair meets privately with each member, helping him/her determine ways to implement ideas and input received at prior meetings and prepare an agenda for the next meeting. The Chair also serves as a business confidante and personal coach for the member.
  • One-on-One Meetings
  • TEC Speakers

Additional TEC Products and Services:

Senior Manager’s Program

TEC’s Senior Managers’ Program (SMP) was established over 25 years ago in response to member requests for a program that would expose their key staff to the very best TEC resources speakers. These presentation are geared toward TEC and EA company members and the senior management of TEC companies. The program is also open to senior managers of non-TEC companies. The primary focus of these events is education, with a secondary emphasis on networking. [Read More]

TEC Special Interest Meetings

These groups discuss specific business topics with local discussion leaders and business professionals who are well versed in that subject. This service is available in Milwaukee, Northeast Wisconsin and Madison several times each year.

TEC members and/or executives from their respective companies are welcome to attend. A professional from TEC’s Planning and Special Events staff manages this value-added member service.

Here are a few topics that have been discussed:

  • Social Media on Steroids 2012: How will your business benefit?
  • Best Practices In Health Care & Employee Benefits
  • Benefits of Corporate or Private Foundations – Learn the do’s and don’ts from our expert panelists
  • The TEC Company Banker: Today and Tomorrow
  • How to Grow Your Business with Independent Sales Reps
  • The Changing role of finance and Accounting in TEC/EA Companies
  • Company Growth Strategies: Developing New Products, Markets and Applications.

[Read More]

"ALL TEC" Meetings

We hold periodic “ALL TEC” meetings in locations that attract a greater number of TEC members. The speakers for these sessions are of a markedly high caliber whose cost and/or time considerations make them appropriate for larger audiences. All Wisconsin & Michigan TEC members are invited to these optional meetings and are encouraged to bring a guest. [Read More]