TEC Network – Guidelines

Place a submission: To be able to place a submission you must be a TEC or Executive Agenda member. If not, you will need to list your referral source to the Network. (Once that is confirmed and approved by the Chair/member your request will be approved and published.)

To place a submission on the TEC Network: Complete the submission form and click the Submit button.

Requirement for the three sections of the network:

Employment Opportunities: Requests are limited to the listings of career opportunities available in member companies. Compose a description of the open position and necessary qualifications; title of the position along with contact person (name, number and/or e-mail address) is required.

Employment Wanted: Compose a summary of the candidate seeking employment along with the title of the position they are seeking and contact info (name, number and/or e-mail address).

Information Exchange: 
Requests are limited to idea, information and/or experience exchange. Solicitation for business and/or solicitation for charities are NOT ALLOWED. Compose a detailed description about your inquiry along with the title and contact person (name, number and/or e-mail address).

Please note when placing a network request, you are committing to personally contacting all respondents. IF YOUR NEED HAS ALREADY BEEN MET, PLEASE INFORM THE NETWORK ADMINISTRATOR (CHRISSY KLASKE) and call responding members to thank them for their offer of assistance.
Please address all questions, comments and/or concerns to the Network Administrator, Chrissy Klaske, by phone: 262-821-3340 or Send me an email.

TEC Network Submission