Name: Dan Meyer 

Company: BizTimes Media

Industry: Publishing – marketing communications

Employees: 17

 Family: Wonderful wife Kate of 26 years, daughters Meredith 21, Margo 10,  sons  Brian 18, Daniel 15. 

Give TEC a brief history/overview of your company:

Founded in 1995, BizTimes Media is a regional b2b media company. Our goal is to help business owners, CEOs and top-level executive navigate through the challenges of running and growing their business. We do this by providing them timely and relevant information, insights and best practices delivered in the pages of our bi-weekly magazine – BizTimes Milwaukee, our website – and various enewsletters, and through each of our 18 different events throughout the year. The biggest event of the year is our day-long BizExpo in May.

On the business or service offering side, we provide integrated marketing solutions to companies looking to grow their brand and their business by providing access to the region’s business leaders. We do this through print and digital advertising, event sponsorships, custom publishing and content marketing and native advertising.


What one piece of leadership advice would you offer to others? Here are a few – surround yourself with a great team, don’t ever go it alone and keep learning. In addition, find advisors beyond your TEC group. I’ve developed close relationships with leaders in my industry association group. Leverage groups like this and be vulnerable and seek advice from others.


What are your interests outside of work?

I love spending time with friends and with my family watching old movies, playing golf, traveling and fishing in Northern Wisconsin at my Mom’s cottage.


How did you learn about TEC?

I somehow found out about TEC a few years after I started the business 26 years ago, which is when we started a relationship with Harry Dennis. Harry wrote a monthly column for us for years. Now various TEC chairs provide us with the column. It was and is a natural fit because making good decisions and applying best practices while growing a business is essential for our readers and for TEC members.


What has TEC done for you personally and/or professionally?

It has been a great experience getting to know my fellow TEC members and TEC chairs. While some of the faces in my TEC group have changed in my 15 years, I feel that our group is quite solid with a high level of sharing and respect for each other. The exposure and the discussions about issues over the years have been quite valuable. The outside speakers we have had have also been at a very high level. The other benefit is that TEC does not just have a business focus. We have had great speakers where we discuss personal issues. Recognizing the need to have a work/life balance is very important. The once-a-year spousal meeting has been a nice experience for my wife.

We have also had several once a year over night outings. These have been great fun and have included activities I would not have done on my own like go-karting at Elkhat Lake, curling in Green Bay and an iron chef competition in Lake Geneva.