Interested in becoming a Facilitator?

The role of the TEC Chair represents the primary interface between the TEC organization and each member. This requires that a TEC Chair be part group leader, coach, facilitator, confidant, and supporter. This role also requires a high level of confidence, conscientiousness, inquisitiveness, and practical insight, without arrogant or presumptive opinion. This collective experience by each member, both in group settings and individual one-to-one meetings, becomes the metric of value that drives long-term relationships.

In order to qualify for this responsibility, all TEC Chairs go through an extensive vetting and training process—we are looking for the best people who possess well-rounded business experience and the right balance of IQ and EQ.

So, if you are someone who has climbed many “mountains” and traversed many “valleys”. And if you are someone who still has unwavering enthusiasm and passion to make a difference in people’s lives. And if you have the intestinal fortitude to challenge others and be challenged yourself, then you may wish to learn more about TEC as the capstone of your career.

Desired Skills and Experience Executive experience as a CEO, president, or business owner is quite important (but not mandatory).

Experience with P&L, strategy, and people.

Business consulting experience is helpful (but the role of a TEC Chair is much more of an executive coach and group facilitator responsibility).

Contact: Jen Sweeney (262.821.3340),  George Satula (262.786.7400)  or fill out the form below