Essence of Being a TEC Chair

At the core of the TEC membership experience is the TEC Chair: a facilitator, coach and advisor who works to ensure that every member and group receives the maximum value possible from TEC. Chairs lead the process and content of the peer-group meetings and also work one-to-one with our chief executive members to provide advice, insight, accountability and support.

The ranks of TEC Chairs include former CEOs, consultants and business coaches from a cross-section of industries. Regardless of their backgrounds, each has the keen insight to help executives in their groups build better businesses. They engage members in an exciting, energizing, complex and challenging way, by applying their business knowledge, interpersonal and listening skills, and passion in an effort to increase the effectiveness and enhance the lives of CEOs, senior executives, and other professionals.

Being a TEC Chair is no small task. But it’s a worthwhile and rewarding one. A successful Chair can have a profound impact in group and one-on-one sessions, as they are the cornerstone of the member experience. That’s why we accept only the highest-level candidates to ensure our members receive the greatest possible value from their membership.

Chairs are well-compensated independent contractors, with flexible hours, who act as a facilitator, coach, and advisor in meetings. To be successful they must possess the following characteristics:

  • A demonstrated track record and in-depth knowledge of business
  • Experience as a CEO, president, business owner, other high-ranking executive (COO or division president), or consultant in a successful growth organization
  • Prior experience managing P&L
  • A well-established business network within their community
  • Excellent listening skills
  • The ability to connect with people and lead groups of intelligent businesspeople
  • An “intrapreneurial” spirit
  • The ability to influence and inspire outward change

If you are interested in becoming a TEC Chair please email TEC for More Information