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Are You Growing With Your Company?

As a company grows, the company’s leader often needs to change their leadership style. By Sam Keller TEC 62 Chairman Business researchers have long known that there is a business lifecycle.   Here is what the lifecycle looks like. Stage I: Start-up The Idea The business starts with an idea of the founder – a product […]

You are the Secret to a Better Future!

Personal growth is the single most important thing that will affect your future. Jim Rohn, deceased motivational speaker said, “Success comes from growing bigger than the problems and obstacles that surround you”. By committing to growth, you will attract success. Since personal growth is something you can influence, you are the major key to your […]

Optimist versus Pessimist

Which is Better to Lead a Family Business How to tell an optimist from a pessimist: The optimist says, “Please pass the cream” while the pessimist says, “Would you see if there is any milk in the pitcher?” And of course we all know that the optimist sees the glass as half full while the […]

Generation X: Another Look

Generation X: Another Look Much has been written about the characteristics of members of the workplace generations that make up our workforce. The Radio Generation born before 1945 and now mostly retired The Baby Boomers born between 1945 and 1964 numbering some 75 million or 45% of the workforce, many of whom are beginning to […]

How to Be an Effective Group Leader

Why Dominating Leaders Kill Teams Dominating leaders tend to stifle creative ideas that might otherwise emerge from group discussions thus making the teams less productive. Francesca Gino is an Associate Professor in the Negotiations, Organizations, and Markets Unit at Harvard Business School.  In the November 13, 2013 edition for “Working Knowledge” published by the Harvard […]