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It Isn’t Just a Myth: A Little Thanks Goes a Long Way!

By Robert I. Sutton, PhD Wise bosses don’t just display empathy, compassion, and appreciation through dramatic and memorable gestures, as Dean Plummer did for me. They convey it through tiny and seemingly trivial gestures. As we’ve seen, effective bosses work their magic by piling up one small win after another–and realizing that followers are watching […]

Leadership: Thinking, Being, Doing | Becoming a Better Leader, Father, Husband, Friend and Person.

Armed with an extensive study guide, we are revisiting Lee Thayer’s book Leadership: Thinking, Being, Doing with all my TEC groups.  A very worthwhile exercise for becoming a better leader, father, husband, friend and person. Leadership, Learning and Habits. How does being judgmental get in the way of learning?  In every form of communication you […]

What Do All the Economic Headlines Mean?

This is a recent Blog posting by Alan Beaulieu from ITR.  Good read. I have been reading various headlines and articles announcing a near-term softening and potential swoon in the U.S. economy.  Other news pieces have dealt with the decline in oil prices, and others with Japan’s in aggressive quantitative easing.  There is no lack […]