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TEC is about peers helping peers grapple, wrestle and come out on top with sound solutions to serious and significant business obstacles and, most importantly, new business opportunities. Our membership network has experience with a gamut of issues such as:

  • Working with entrepreneurs
  • Risk-taking
  • Dealing with ownership in transition
  • Finding the most effective personnel for your organization
  • Strategic planning
  • Company-wide benefit and retirement planning
  • Doing business globally
  • Implementing new technologies


Every so often and in conjunction with an outside compensation consulting firm, TEC conducts a compensation and benefit survey of the membership. We collect data on the CEO/president and his/her senior management staff. Participating members receive a bound report and have password access to a website where they can continually update their compensation information and receive immediate data downloads in a real-time format. Only a nominal user access fee is charged to members by the outside consulting firm for this service.


Posted monthly, these reports contain requests from TEC members seeking help and/or information in a particular business area of interest. These reports also highlight the credentials of TEC-known managers seeking job placement, as well as specific replacement requests from TEC members seeking to fill an available position. There is no charge for placing a network and/or job search request.


Published bi-monthly, The TEC Update includes highlights of points made by select TEC speakers, commentary on important regional business issues, and notes on member achievement and new member additions. There is no charge for this publication.


(Vistage View Website/MyTEC)
Now in its fourth generation, this powerful interactive website available only to members offers a wide array of informational and business-to-business opportunities. It also contains state-of-the-art executive book summaries in written and oral formats. Members can network via e-mail around the world and seek answers to problems that go beyond the scope of their local resources.


Held annually, this conference is sponsored by Vistage Worldwide and attracts some of the world’s top thinkers on the subjects of business strategy, emerging technologies, employee development, personal health improvement and competitive positioning. The conference also has a number of industry-specific, small group round tables that offer opportunities for networking and intense interchange. Attendees represent Vistage members from over a dozen countries.


When our Resource Specialists present at TEC meetings (typically for three hours) we are proud to offer members an audio recording following the meeting for subsequent replay to appropriate company employees. In addition, a limited but valuable video library is available from the Milwaukee TEC office. There is no charge for access to either the audio or video recordings.


TEC members can nominate their professional service providers (e.g., bankers, lawyers, accountants, consultants) to become a TEC Associate. Upon acceptance in the TEC Associate Program, the Associate can join a round table group with other area Associates and personally experience the “peer issue discussion” that’s central to the overall TEC process. Like TEC Alums, Associates are invited to various TEC events and provided access to information likely to benefit them in their client relationships. In return, they’re asked to provide two qualified TEC member prospects per year.