TEC Works

TEC will make a positive impact on your professional development and your ability to get through obstacles and challenges. If your TEC Chair is as good as mine you’ll gain a trusted adviser and a professional friend.

– Lisa Reardon, President CC&N
TEC member since 2009

Lisa Reardon with John Howman

If you want to learn, open up, be vulnerable and grow personally and professionally, you couldn’t be involved in a better organization.

– Ted Balistreri, Co-owner Sendik’s Food Markets
TEC member since 2007

Ted Balistreri at Sendiks

TEC involvement provides a neutral sounding board to test and evaluate your business perceptions, plans and resultant actions in a friendly and truly caring peer group.

David S. BaumPresident & CEO – SSI Technologies, Inc.

The one-on-one sessions are key. I’m really glad we do those. I look forward to them. Besides updates on TEC, they provide me a chance to sit back and collect my thoughts and discuss where I am in formulating the big ideas for my business and how to move those ahead.

Denny WengerMidwest Products & Engineering

It’s amazing how often one significant new idea gleaned from a TEC meeting has a multiplier effect on the overall value of TEC membership; also the one-on-one sessions with my TEC Chair and the regular TEC meetings have become invaluable because of the way they stretch my creative thinking.

Kent RaabeRaabe Corporation

TEC has provided me a unique opportunity to learn the personal experiences of other business executives. No other business forum, magazine, newsletter or seminar, offers the insights into the problems I face every business day that I regularly receive from my TEC group.

Marc J. WilsonPresident & CEO – Safway Steel Products

I get at least one good idea at each meeting, which I bring back to Hufcor. I can honestly say that our company gets a full return on its investment annually. If ROI is the game, TEC is the name!

Mike BordenCEO – Hufcor, Inc.

I found the TEC session with Resource Specialist Jordan Ayan to be of great value to Dent Enterprises. We will be able to use many of Jordan’s ideas. The morning after I heard his presentation, I told my team that I believe the information from this meeting alone will pay the full year’s TEC fees!

Gregory H. DentPresident, Dent Enterprises, Inc.

If I had not joined TEC at the time I did, I would have been in the looney bin by now. Having a company that is reasonably good is due in large measure to the help I received from the people in TEC. To this day, I am grateful for the gift that Bob Nourse gave to all of us in creating this organization.

Roy JablonkaGlenroy, Inc.