Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know which TEC group is right for me?

A: Every TEC Chair knows the profile of his/her group in detail. TEC helps you find a group that’s best for you — a group with members who have mutual business interests and where the size and complexities of the businesses are similar to your own.

Q: What is the most important qualification for TEC membership?

A: You must be a CEO, president or head of an independent operating division of your company (i.e., a general manager or executive vice president slated to become president).

Q: How long must I commit to TEC?

A: Once you join, we ask you to consider remaining a member for at least one year, although this is not mandatory. Membership dues are billed monthly.

Q: What if I develop a business conflict with another member of my group?

A: Your Chair works with you and the other member to resolve the conflict. If this doesn’t work, you can elect to be assigned to another TEC group in your area.

Q: What if I choose not to accept a fellow TEC member’s advice on an issue I bring to my group?

A: This is entirely your prerogative. You are not obligated to any considerations affecting your company as a result of your TEC membership. However, you will find that you actually implement many ideas learned through your TEC experience.

Q: What if I’m unable to relate to my TEC Chair?

A: That’s not a problem. Just ask and TEC will assign you to a new Chair.

Q: What are my major membership obligations?

A: There are just a few important ones:

  1. Attend 80 percent of your scheduled TEC meetings and remain for the full duration of the meeting
  2. Willingly participate at each meeting to help your fellow TEC members and receive help in return
  3. Honor your “one-on-one” appointments prior to each meeting with your TEC Chair
  4. Hold any information learned at a TEC meeting about another member or his/her company in the strictest confidence
  5. Promptly pay your TEC invoice when it arrives each month

Q: What happens if I leave TEC?

A: Unless otherwise requested, you enroll automatically in TEC’s Alumni Program. This keeps you in touch with TEC by a variety of means with several specifically-defined alumni benefits.