TEC members are smart and savvy business leaders. They know their jobs; they know their industries and they know there’s always more to learn. Being a TEC member gives you a competitive edge and increases your effectiveness as a senior decision-maker, business owner, company president or CEO.

  • TEC is dedicated to the professional and personal development of its members and proves it by offering them opportunities for significant, considered discussions with high takeaway value. Membership includes group meetings and personal coaching sessions, which are led by specialty-trained, experienced and successful facilitators.
  • TEC provides member an ongoing decision-review environment, wherein wisdom and discernment can be obtained from the objective counsel of peers.
  • TEC provides an education forum, with top flight business experts who are invited to speak on a wide range of current management subjects.
  • TEC provides instant access to an online, universal best practices library and idea exchange network.
  • TEC groups are made up of 12 to 16 company leaders from non-competing businesses who meet every six weeks and function not only as a sounding board, but an advisory board.


TEC started in 1957 when Milwaukee businessman Bob Nourse realized it did not have to be lonely at the top. Nourse, who had an MBA from Ivey Business School and a doctorate degree in business administration from Harvard, had peers from whom he was learning. He came to understand most of his newly acquired knowledge was gained during informal meetings and lunches.

Nourse invited four of his friends, all CEOs, to his office at the Milwaukee Valve Company to test a simple, yet revolutionary idea – share information and experiences to help generate better results. Soon after, TEC was born. Now, more than 50 years later, TEC spans the globe with more than 15,000 members in 125 cities who who manage some of the world’s largest companies.

Harry Dennis, III purchased TEC in 1989 and continues to expand it, faithfully adhering to the Nourse formula for success. Here in Wisconsin and Michigan, President and CEO Priscilla Kemp leads more than 700 members in 55 TEC groups who are all smart enough to know it doesn’t have to be lonely at the top.

“Now … let’s get down to work.”

– Bob Nourse, TEC Founder

Bob Nourse Writing Photo