Same Old Story or New Perspective

By Dan Loichinger, TEC Chair

An elderly woman was taking care of her grocery shopping at the market Saturday morning when a young black man abruptly ran by her followed by the market manager. She almost lost her footing save the shopping cart she had hold of while looking for the next item.

What do you imagine she thought was happening? What story did you tell yourself?

As it turns out, the young black man was shopping in a different aisle of the store and noticed smoke and fire coming from a car in the parking lot, dropped everything and started running to help, while alerting the store manager to call 911.

We accept new ideas that reinforce our current views, and normally reject those that don’t fit or match the current view. Not to say they aren’t always true, but sometimes, we need to challenge our assumptions and ask others for help to see the complete picture.

Today, our perception is reality, unless we take action to inform ourselves. Today I hope to help better inform your current perceptions around leadership and executive development with part-one of a two-part blog feature.

Fast Forward

Organizations started formal training for managers and executive’s years ago. Approaches have come and gone, but today’s businesses spend billions of dollars to prepare leaders and executives for their important role and responsibilities.

In the last decade, executive coaching and development has grown at a phenomenal rate, and yet we continue to apply many of those old stories and assumptions that have already lived out their useful life.

As an executive coach and TEC Chair, I realize that not everyone needs or is ready for the services I offer, but far too many are burdened with these old stories and ideas. We need to advance our thinking and complete the picture to fully realize the benefits that are available to us.

How effectively are you developing current and future executives to drive your strategic growth initiatives?

Shifting Perspectives

While there are many perspectives to highlight, I’ll share several shifting perspectives in the table and highlight a few I see and hear most often in my daily travels:

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 2.08.00 PM

Closing Thoughts

I have worked and lived in the world of leadership and executive development for many years. I have seen it done well, I have many projects that have provided me great pride, and there are others I wish I could have a do over on (fortunately, many from my early years).

So much of what we can and are able to achieve with organizational success starts with our perspective on leadership and executive development. We all have different experiences and stories, but work to connect all the pieces of the puzzle together with the people and expertise around you. The benefits are many, and the possibilities endless. Tune in next month as I share more on what you will be able to do to shape the new perspectives with you and your executive team.



Dan Loichinger is the founder and president of Loichinger Advantage LLC. The Madison, Wisconsin based firm delivers proprietary executive coaching, leadership assessments and TEC Executive Roundtables for owners and executives of growing organizations.

Clients value our ability to increase their leadership effectiveness, improve their strategic insight, accelerate change while sustaining results, and increase their competitive advantage. Together, we deliver proven leadership growth.