Name: Teresa Schell

Company: Vive

Industry:: Marketing for Manufacturers

Employees: 5

Family: Son Evan, 19 and Daughter Anna, 15. Partner, Barry

Give TEC a brief history/overview of your company:
Vive provides marketing platforms for manufacturing companies – most exclusively in the plastics industry. Plastic processors, plastic service providers and mold builders seeking to build their brand with solid communication plans partner with Vive. Reinforcing a company’s brand by delivering consistent messaging will strengthen the sales and marketing alignment necessary to achieve sales growth.

One piece of leadership advice would you offer to others:
A token of leadership advise – surround yourself with people smarter than you. My network of professionals is very important to me because the pursuit of knowledge received from valued individuals inspires me to be more while respecting varying perspectives. Being a life-long leaner provides new opportunities for continuous improvement both personally and professionally.

What are your interests outside of work:
People close to me know my passion for red wines. I enjoy describing the nose and palate familiarity, understanding the terroir (pronounced ter-wah) which are the environmental conditions of different vineyard regions and the social experience it lends too. This passion leads to the necessity of a work out commitment, therefore several hours a week is devoted to cardio exercise.

How did you learn about TEC:
I learned about TEC from a peer that found the leadership community an important element of his business.

What has TEC done for you personally and/or professionally:
Being an active TEC member energizes me to make differences that perfect my business. The engagement with my TEC group has evolved to the role as my trusted board of directors. The reliable relationship with my business coach, George Satula, is an instrumental component of my business success. His contribution has developed and sustained my capability of being a high performer in the multi-faceted areas of a business leader.   The TEC organization is really an investment in myself, holding me accountable to what’s required to run a profitable business.