5 Steps for Growing Business Online – Step 2

The first step to growing your business online is visibility. Your site must be seen, it must be found, before you will get any visitors to show up. If you haven’t read Step 1 – Visibility , please take a look at that here.

Now we move into Step 2 – Traffic.

It makes sense, your business must be visible before you get traffic, but visibility alone does very little to help your business. Visibility alone doesn’t create traffic.

There are links everywhere on the web. Even in the search results there are at least 10 primary links on the page plus potential advertising links, links to additional results, and links about the search provider.

Your links, regardless of where they are found, must entice your prospects to click. The relationship between your business and a searcher doesn’t start until they click.

Getting Traffic From Search Engines

Let’s take a look at how you get your search results listing to stand out from the crowd of links.

In most search results there are three critical pieces of information. The first is the title of the web page. This is the link that the searcher can click on. The second piece is the description of the web page that appears as two lines of text below the title. The final piece is the address of your web page.

Go to Google and search for your business by name and city so that you see what comes up. For example, I would search for up at dawn waukesha. When you search for your own business you will see the title, followed by your web address, and then two lines of description.

The good thing is that, in most cases, you can control both the title and description by adjusting the tags within the hidden code of your website.

To get more traffic, tweak your titles and descriptions.

Assuming someone already took the time to set up the titles and descriptions on your site, you probably show your business name as the title, and the descriptions tell what your business does. If you have gone that far at least you get a little branding going on.

But, since nearly everyone does that, your listing will look like most other listings in the results.

Stand Out From the Other Search Results

Instead of doing what everyone else does, what if you write the title to connect with the problem the searcher is looking to solve? And what if you write the description to tell the searcher what benefit they will receive when they click?

When you do this, your search results stand out because you are the one business in the search results that is intentionally seeking to build the relationship with the searcher. You win the click.

Changes to the title and description won’t show up in the search results instantly. It takes a while before the changes are indexed, and then longer before they show up. So it’s good to take action on this right away.

At the same time, there’s another thing you can do that is often the fastest way to show up on the first page of the Google search results. Since it gets technical, I created a video and cheat sheet to help you out. You can get it here: http://www.upatdawn.biz/fastest.

In the next installment, we will take a look at two steps to help you control what happens when visitors arrive at your site.


Jeffrey Kirk, owner of Up At Dawn, LLC (http://www.upatdawn.biz) started his first ecommerce business in 1993. It wasn’t quite how we think of ecommerce now. To facilitate the movement of consumer goods from Southeast Asia and Europe into the Republic of Kazakhstan, he conducted business using dial-up computer networks and a fax machine.

Since 1995, Jeff has helped other businesses with their website development, to drive both traffic and conversion. These days, he is known for making internet marketing simple to understand and implement for traditional, offline businesses looking for online success.

Jeff provides video training and coaching for business people who prefer to have the skills within their business, and he offers “do it for you” service for those who prefer to hire the expertise. He is currently putting the finishing touches on a new book called, Dominate The Top – Simple Website Fixes to Rise in the Search Results and Crush Your Competition.


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