CEO Roundtable

What is a CEO Roundtable?

A CEO Roundtable is . . .
1.   A place where I can take my ideas about my business and have them challenged by business professionals who have not stake in the outcome, thus can give an honest opinion.
2.  A place where I can find that my issues are very small in comparison to other issues in the room.  Once I thought I had a cash flow issue, only to find out another CEO in the room was deliberating borrowing “another” $100,000 from his mother in law.  I did not have an issue!
3.  A place where I can be encouraged by my TEC Chair.  If I could get to be as good as my Chair thinks I am…I would be amazing!
4.  A place where I can build relationships with a very diverse group of people.  I can learn better how people that are very different than I am – think and process information.
5.  A place where I can learn how business owners think to help me with policy and campaigns aimed at increasing revenues.  I can learn how CEO’s view their own businesses and use that to sell more to other CEO’s.