How Social Media Has Changed the Workplace Dynamic

In the past, many business leaders, CEOs, and executives found that team building was a major challenge for their businesses. Today, with the advent of social media, it is easier than ever before to create a shared company culture and foster a sense of loyalty within the workplace. Below you can discover some specific ways that social media can improve the dynamic in your company’s workplace.

Make Brainstorming Easier

Brainstorming sessions used to require all participants to be located in the same room, in front of a whiteboard, chalkboard, or drawing pad. In an unfocused environment, brainstorming sessions could easily devolve into shouting matches. Social media, however, allows for large-scale brainstorming sessions, which can last several days and involve employees thousands of miles apart. It’s easy for employees to leave comments on threads in social media, or even simply “like” or “plus one” one another’s ideas.

Share Information More Readily

Gone are the days of paper memos, when you had to print hundreds or dozens of copies of a single bulletin to physically deliver to your employees. But gone also are the days when email was the best way to communicate information to your entire staff. You can now share both essential and non-essential information with your employees on company-related social networking platforms.

Build a Brand and a Team

Social media can provide employees with a forum where they can easily share information, both work related and non-work related, with one another. But social media is also an effective marketing platform, which allows you to build a brand and potentially reach millions of customers across the country and the world. Many companies today hire social media specialists whose sole job is to manage the business’ brand and online reputation through social media marketing.

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