A Look at Social Media Recruitment Etiquette

Social media, which includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other online networks, is a powerful tool for business recruitment. By examining a job candidate’s online presence across several social media platforms,executive leaders may be able to determine if the information on the candidate’s resume is accurate. The hiring committee can also assess the candidate’s personality to determine if he or she would be a good fit for the company and the position. Below are some social media etiquette points to keep in mind during the hiring process.

Do Not “Friend” the Candidate

Because of many users’ demands for greater privacy controls, many social media sites allow users to restrict the amount of profile information available to the general public. Thus, you may not be able to access a candidate’s full profile. Any public information is fair game for evaluation, but it would be unethical to attempt to “friend” the client, either with your real profile or a fake profile.

Use Different Social Networking Sites for Different Purposes

Facebook can tell you a lot about a candidate’s social life, especially if he or she shares photos and information publicly. Twitter can tell you a lot about the candidate’s opinions on current events and contemporary issues. For CEOs and business owners, however, the best social networking site is LinkedIn, which specifically highlights a candidate’s work experience, skills, and professional connections.

Do Not Contact Candidates Directly Through Social Media

If you are actively recruiting or seeking applicants for a vacant position in your company, do not solicit applications and resumes directly through Facebook or Twitter. These sites are intended mainly for personal and social use. On LinkedIn, however, it is perfectly acceptable to post jobs and even solicit certain candidates directly, as long as they are not currently employed.

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